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Do you want to grow and then sell your business? If you do then you should appoint Corporate Exit. We don't talk theory - we mentor from experience.


We will create a strategy plan that will help you grow your company with a view to selling it.  


On average we identify over 20 action points you must implement in order to grow and then sell your company.  We are discreet and we will never publicise who we work for.


Corporate Exit was founded by Nick Brown, who built and then sold his company for a seven figure sum.


Nick, who is also "The Business Expert" on The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, helps business owners in the UK grow and sell their businesses.


Our one off mentoring service is proving particularly popular with business owners. It consists of a personal meeting with Nick and a follow up report with Nick's bespoke recommendations for growing your business.








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"A big hello & welcome. I will help you grow & sell your company", Nick Brown, founder Corporate Exit.








* Recruit, Reward & Retain Your Staff

* Plan 5 To 10 Years Ahead

* Win Major Customers And Think BIG

* Adapt Your Business To What Your Market Is Demanding

* Enter And Win Awards

* Track Your Competitors

* Ensure Your Business Has A Track Record of Profitability

* Research 5 companies that have been sold in your sector

* Make a list of 5 companies that might like to buy your business

* Appoint Corporate Exit to help you grow your company so you can sell it in the future





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If you would like help to Grow or Sell your business contact Nick Brown at

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